Grace Kelly Cocktail

Wondering what to treat yourself with this weekend? 

With it being so close to the weekend (hello Friday!), let it be known that I highly recommend this Grace Kelly Cocktail. It encompasses some of my favorite things and is the perfect color for a weekend full of love. Whether or not you are with your significant other or spending quality time with your friends, this just might be perfect, guaranteed : ).

I originally created this for an in store dinner event with West Elm here in Portland. Been very excited to share this with all of you, let me know what you think!

Feel free to use whatever Gin you have on hand, but if you want a next level experience, pick up a bottle of Freeland

Geneva Gin which “showcases Oregon grown rye with an array of sultry and savory botanicals”. More below:

Aroma: fresh baked bread, grain forward with botanical lift

Taste: rich layered rye and buckwheat with undertones of hazelnut, juniper, and spice

Another key element here is “Bitterless Marriage” by Crude Bitters. This is their take on traditional aromatic bitters: “Hibiscus provides a tart and fruitful base, lavender infuses a floral aroma to represent a bond and the oak provides the depth and strength…”. This sample set is a perfect investment for your bar set up.

Grace Kelly Cocktail

Grace Kelly Cocktail

Yield: Serves 1

Gin, Dry Curacao, lime, egg white, ginger, cherry, blackberry, lavender, hibiscus, oak



    1. Add gin, dry curacao, lime juice, ginger liqueur, bitters, and dried blackberry powder into a shaker.
    2. Shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. 
    3. Add egg white. 
    4. Add ice to the shaker and shake again.
    5. Drain into a martini glass.
    6. Sugar one side of the lime and place on top of the drink or side of the glass as garnish.
    7. Cheers!

The freeze dried blackberry powder is optional, but helps with an added complexity to the drink and gives it that pop of color. Black raspberry or regular raspberry works well too. If you don’t have this at your local organic health food store, here are some online ordering options:


1- Organic Blackberry Powder

2-Whole Freeze-Dried Black Raspberries

3- Raspberry Fruit Powder


Enjoy and happy cocktail night!

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