The Botanist Gin – Spring Loaded Cocktail

Spring is here! It’s definitely in the air and ​there’s no better way to kick off these warmer days than with a ​fresh, seasonal cocktail in hand and I have just the perfect recommendation for you (not to disappoint!). I recently welcomed The Botanist Gin into my bar cabinet and made this spring loaded cocktail recipe!

​The ​Botanist Gin is an ultra smooth gin that has a unique combination of 22 botanicals that were hand foraged locally and sustainably on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. Check out these tasting notes, just stunning!

…Sweet delicate menthol, apple mint, spring woodlands, juniper, coriander with aniseed undertones, lemon and orange peel, a bouquet of summer flowers on the Machir, honey from thistle, coconut from gorse, wild mint and summer meadows. It’s a magical melody of Islay’s natural bounty from the Atlantic washed beaches…

This drink is incredibly easy and quick to whip up at home​, and The Botanist G​in… it’s just so smooth​, fresh and bright​. Take my word for it – this is a drink you’ll want to make this coming weekend​!


Thanks to professional bartender Lucinda Sterling for a fabulous recipe.


Spring Loaded Cocktail | The Botanist Gin

Servings: 4 cocktails
Author: Lucinda Sterling


  • 8 oz The Botanist Gin
  • 2 ounces cucumber syrup
  • 16 ounces bitter lemon tonic
  • 12 pink peppercorns
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Pinch of wild hibiscus salt


  • Chill serving glasses by placing them in a freezer or filling them with ice cubes.
  • Add the gin and cucumber syrup to a cocktail shaker.
  • Fill the shaker with crushed ice, place the cap on the shaker, and shake it vigorously for 10 seconds.
  • Strain the mixture into a large mixing glass with cucumber slices.
  • Add the bitter lemon tonic and stir to combine. Distribute between the serving glasses and garnish each one with a cucumber slice, 3 pink peppercorns, and a pinch of the wild hibiscus salt.

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