A-frame Gingerbread House Design

Christmas is such a whimsical time of the year….

For years I’ve loved the idea of making gingerbread houses at Christmas time. I’ve been wanting to create an A-frame Gingerbread House Design to share with you for a long time. Finally made it happen and had soooo much fun creating! 

I found that building a gingerbread house brings you into a state of childlike creativity. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the design. It was a beautiful, refreshing process. I decided to make a night of it. In order to find the time, I just stayed up late one night, turned on a Christmas movie, lit the fire, poured a warm drink and started having some fun : ).

I started to think about all the ways I could use candy as “materials”.

I loved using these Natural Toffee Cocoa Stirrers, rosemary, and beautiful ribbon. Star anise was perfect for a “brick-like” material. Halved raw cranberries were amazingly real for the flower box outside the window. Frosting, powdered sugar and molasses provided some beautiful roof detail. Setting the scene was easy with some nearby ornaments I borrowed from the tree. 

I hope you enjoy this inspirational post! You can make this A frame from scratch, or – pick this up to save time and make it easy.

The pictured gingerbread cake is linked up in this post. See here for sugar cookie cut out recipe. The eggnog recipe is coming soon!

Stay tuned for more goodness : ).


Happy decorating! Make sure to share your creation(s) on social by tagging me @christiannkoepke



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