My Bedroom Makeover with Crate & Barrel

After a long work week, sometimes my idea of relaxing equals simply laying in bed and not adventuring anywhere…. you know that feeling?


I realized it was time to make my small space, my new favorite place

I’ve never really focused on my bedroom as a sanctuary. Never thought of it as peaceful place to spend the weekend. But, why not? That’s what we check into hotels for, right?

Well, my room is about the size of a NY hotel : ) So, I decided it was time!

To be honest, making over my bedroom has crossed my mind a lot. Somehow I never found enough time to tackle it.


This time was going to be different. I made it my priority but committed to not rushing so I could enjoy the process.

For a few weekends, I did nothing but declutter and purge. When a break was needed, I would flip through my C&B catalog and Pinterest app. Cleaning and dreaming helped make the decluttering process bearable. When I needed fresh air (because the dust was real), I popped into my local C&B store to see what my folded catalog pages looked like in real life.

My vision was a total transformation!  But I knew that working with small spaces can be challenging.  But they are also exciting because they push you creatively. Thinking about ways to maximize space for multiple purposes is a good exercise. Crate & Barrel is the perfect go to. You’ll get function and big style.


Want to see how my new weekend sanctuary turned out?  Check out my step by step process AND bedroom getaway over on the C&B blog! Can’t wait to see what YOU create!

If you have questions feel free to reach out via IG or my website.  Share your before and after or – in process shots on social media by tagging @crateandbarrel and @christiannkoepke!

[Post is sponsored and all opinions are my own]

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