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Working from home is amazing. But only if you have a space that you love.


How many times have you slid last weeks mail pile aside on the dining room table and opened your laptop? That’s definitely real life. As a creative though, I’ve learned that my environment is key to creativity and motivation. Even if you have a small space ( most of us do!), you can create an affordable, inspirational space that spurs you forward.

When you’re working from home, it is absolutely essential to create a dedicated workspace that’s organized and beautiful to you. Your home office is your space to think big, focus, work and dream! It’s time to make it a place you totally love being, maximizing fresh air, natural light, plants, and organizational systems that will motivate you to stay clutter-free. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up after settling into a few small space home offices of my own…


Personalize your inspiration wall.

Save on typical frame costs and order some artist’s or washi tape, print some of your favorite photographs, or go old-school and cut out clippings from magazines to completely customize your wall for daily visual inspiration. Change from season to season—it’s the perfect way to liven up and reinvent your small space for next to nothing! It’s also a great excuse to get out and shoot what you’re inspired by, or to support local up-and-coming artists.

Bring in the botanicals.

Plants really make a small space sing, so consider it essential to pot a few succulents or small cacti in a perfect, desktop-sized tiny pot, like this Light Small Terra Cotta Planter. But let’s be honest–sometimes there’s just no way to get plants to thrive where you want them! If that’s the case, bring in your plant life by hanging botanical prints. Crate & Barrel has an amazing collection of prints to choose from, but wherever you look, focus on finding the perfect fit for your personal office vibe. I found just what I wanted on an online shop selling beautiful tropical prints, and made it my own by framing it with this Brushed Gunmetal 11×14 Frame.



Find organizers you adore.

Filing papers is a drag unless you have a system you absolutely love using, like this Agency Ivory/Chocolate Hanging File Box. It’s gorgeous, which is especially important in small spaces where you have little-to-no room to hide unsightly items. Plus, it’s so nice to use that you’ll be invigorated to tackle all those pesky stacks of papers. Same goes for bits and bobs like paper clips, scissors, etc.—invest in a beautiful organizer for inside your desk drawer!


Maximize your space with mirrors


As with all small spaces, a large mirror will do wonders to open up the space.  I love this Capra Floor Mirror on the long end of the wall to reflect light from both windows and offer a wide open feeling in my small working area. Total game changer.

So there you have it—a few simple tips to revolutionize your small personal home office space. I hope this leaves you motivated to jump in and reimagine your own small space! Check out this post and more over at Crate & Barrel

Can’t wait to see what you create! If you have questions feel free to reach out via IG or my website.  Share your before and after or – in process shots on social media by tagging @crateandbarrel and @christiannkoepke!

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Photography, Creative Direction, Product, Prop, Model Sourcing and Styling by Christiann Koepke

Written by: Julie Pointer Adams & Christiann Koepke

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