Storytelling By Design: How I Transformed My Blank Space with Crate & Barrel

When I moved into my new place at the start of 2017, I walked into a blank space. Literally.

A space I had only ever dreamed existed, nestled within a gorgeous historic building in downtown Portland.

Imagine a 960 square feet space, filled with light shining in through floor to ceiling windows. The fireplace was expansive and layered with intricate crown molding, centered by brick. This would later become the inspiration for the color palette. Arched ceilings, 13 feet high made the space feel never ending. My heart lept. The air was filled with possibility.

Home is everything. It’s where we express the truest sense of ourselves.

It’s where we eat everyday and come to breathe after the craze. It’s where we rest after a long trip spent adventuring. It’s where we experience our own joys and sorrows.  It’s where welcome those we love to talk about the beauty and challenges of of life, often spent together with wine in hand as the hours pass by.


Home is where we are free – free to create, to showcase memories. The design matters. We get to choose what our surroundings look and feel like.

It’s the best part of being an adult. Your environment and how you curate it speaks to every chapter of your life.  It tells a story.  Our story.

I don’t know about you, but every single piece in my home carries special moments – chapters of my story. A visual “open book” filled with memories gathered from near and sometimes from afar – like my Dad’s old camera or the copper pot sitting on my shelf that I picked up at a market in Norway last winter.

All of these memories helped develop my vision for the room design. It became clear: simply combine pieces that carry a story. Gathering the old with the new organically creates a space, that for me, evokes thought and fuels my creative way of life here in the CK studio.

Here’s how I see it – my home is a canvas. 

Bringing out the beauty in what I see and also choose to make and eat, is my passion. It requires intention.

Designing a new home that allows me to share my love of food through photography, developing new recipes, cooking, and gatherings with friends also requires intention.

Every piece that was chosen was given time and thought. The side table, the rug shade and pattern, the sofa fabric and color, the mirror size – every detail was a part of the larger picture that would tell my story. Layering in every new piece that arrived reminded me to be present. Slowly the room came together. It made my life feel more together. I could see and feel my past as I stood in the present, all of which made me feel excited about the future. That is what a home is supposed to do. Truly, it’s an incredible experience and it’s an absolute joy to share it with you.

Bringing all the design elements together to create this space which also doubles as my studio has been an unforgettable experience. Can’t wait to hear about your own home design journey!

So how did I do it?!

Head over to the Crate & Barrel Blog to find a quick guide to my process so that you can feel confident to transform your own space and tell a story. 


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Inspired? Check out my “how to” guide over on the Crate & Barrel Blog

This post is sponsored and shared on behalf of Crate & Barrel. The opinions and text are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

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