Spring Pantry: Reorganize, Restock, Refresh

Gone are the days when nuts are kept in a can, bag, or plastic containers shoved in drawers. Nuts are not only a healthy snack, they are a great addition to recipes.

They also are quite beautiful when displayed. So why hide them?


From now on, think of your nuts as a daily delight that is apart of your kitchen decor. Yes, I am encouraging everyone to officially “display your nuts” : )

A pantry, counter top or shelf display is a perfect location. Diamond of California Nuts is my go-to brand because they are delicious, fresh and easy to find. As a recipe curator and food blogger, my pantry is my happy place. With the spring season quickly approaching, there is no better time to refresh and revive your pantry.

I must admit, I am little nutty for nuts. They are such a valuable part to my recipe curation and everyday diet.


My pantry is filled with almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans

….just to name a few.


They are tossed into granola, used to make homemade nut milk weekly (it’s my ritual), and of course – I work them into nearly every dessert recipe like these mini pavlovas. Just a few of the reasons why they must be visible and within arms reach.  

The possibilities are endless. Organization and storage is key. So here are a few tips you too can use to display YOUR nuts.




Your pantry should be inviting. Let’s be real though, pantries are often small, crowded and chaotic. I get it.  So start by doing this:

    • Pull everything out
    • Check quantities
    • Check expiration dates
    • Toss what’s old




Now that you’ve had a chance to see what you have on hand, think about additional varieties from Diamond of California Nuts.  The more nuts the easier it is to spice up your everyday cooking and snacking.

  • Ensure you have airtight jars
    • If not sealed properly, nuts can easily pick up other odors. The more they are exposed to air, the quicker the oils in them will turn rancid and effect the taste.
  • Label your jars and add dates – nuts expire!
    • Most nuts will keep for up to 6 months at most
    • If you get way too excited with how delicious Diamond Nuts are and find yourself over stocking –  no problem : ) . Store extras in the freezer to maintain freshness longer.
  • Note these recommendations for fridge and freezer timeframes:
    • Unopened Bag: shelled nuts 24 months | in- shell nuts 24 months
    • Opened Bag: shelled nuts 12 months | in- shell nuts 18 months



You’ve restocked.  Now make your pantry a beautiful and inviting.  Nothing should be shoved in the back. Place your nuts front and center and enjoy the view.  Here a few FYI tips that might help:

  • Store only your backup nuts in a cool, dark pantry or fridge
  • Standard mason jars are great for display – or – source vintage jars for a charming look
  • Place on a shelf in clear view and enjoy passing by on your way to cooking and snacking


This is an easy project that you can complete in 1-2 hours on any weekend. I hope you feel inspired and motivated!

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[Post is sponsored and all opinions are my own. Modeling by Sarah Knott]


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