2020 Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips

While your Thanksgiving holiday might look and feel a little different this year, that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as beautiful and festive as usual. If you ask me, this is the year to pull out all the stops to make a smaller gathering or a solo meal feel just as special as any other year. 


One of my favorite ways to bring festivity into my home during the holidays is with a beautiful tablescape. I’m thrilled to share my best tips and tricks for decorating your 2020 Thanksgiving table so you can make the most of the holiday, however you celebrate. 

Start at the Center

A beautiful centerpiece is the best investment when it comes to setting a welcoming Thanksgiving table. I always turn to Selva Floral here in Portland. They make stunning custom arrangements that you can build a show-stopping table around. 


Look for a nearby flower shop for your centerpiece. You’ll get a beautiful piece and support your local florist this year. 

Use What’s on Hand

If you have a gorgeous and lively centerpiece to ground your table, you don’t have to buy special pieces or dishware to really bring the settings to life. I love pairing vintage elements with earthy handmade ceramics. Or, use a set of simple, classic white china and let the florals steal the show. 

Keep the Bar Close

Why not set up the bar within reach of the table? Keep things cozy and encourage guests to stay around the table and chat for a while by keeping the cocktails nearby. A simple cocktail and wine display  near your dinner table adds a warm, easy feeling to the room, with a touch of festive energy.

Set the Mood with Lighting

It’s amazing what lighting a candle or two can do to a room. I especially love these elegant off-white candlesticks with a bit of texture. I always recommend slow-burning, no-drip candles for easy entertaining and clean-up. 


Whomever you celebrate with this year, and whether it’s around a shared meal or over video chat, the small bit of extra effort you put into setting a beautiful holiday table will ensure that the day feels as festive as it should. It can be easy and inexpensive to build an aesthetic you love with whatever’s close at hand, and it will give you one more thing to be thankful for this year. 


Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving, and be sure to follow along on Instagram, where I’ll be sharing all of my must-have holiday dishes.


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