Traditions with Friends & Millesima

You know a wine brand is special when you love saying the name just as much as you love sipping it.  


This is exactly how I felt after my first glass of wine from Millesima.  The moment you sip something so delicious you walk back to the kitchen to look at the bottle.  Yes, that moment. The sip that changed my life was the Perlita Malbec-Syrah 2016.  I immediately grabbed my iphone to look it up and check out their Instagram page.  I had to know who was selling this wine and “like” it on social so all my friends could see my new favorite.

Millesima offers a comprehensive selection of fine and rare wines, including the most sought-after French, Italian, and New World brands. The founding Bernard family’s involvement in the world of wine and spirits dates all the way back to 1928. Talk about passion and tradition. They are also all about high-end wines, top service, and expert wine knowledge.  What I loved the most was the range of wines. They have a “Highly Rated Under $50” selection that compliments their high-end offerings. How cool is that?

I decided to buy a few bottles to share.  My friends were coming over for a dinner tradition we started years ago.  The wine sets the mood and has to be perfect. Selecting the right one (or two)  is always time consuming. But, not this time. I found Millesima. Here are a couple wines that I found under $50 that I love:


Lopez de Heredia: Vina Tondonia Reserva 2006

La Rioja


Bodega DiamAndes: Perlita Malbec-Syrah 2016


Valle de Uco, Red

At the below links you can learn more about the regions and wines offered:



Valle de Uco



Because our lives are so busy, quality time with my friends has become a special tradition.  

Once a month we come together on a Saturday evening. Clocks and phones are forsaken. We bring the stories of our lives to share with only each other – not the world. A spread fit for a Queen is prepared for the occasion.  We have been known to talk, laugh, and cry until the sun comes up. So, the evening must begin with Millesima.


In case you are wondering about the incredible food in the photos…well, here are a few of the items I included.  The menu consisted of flavorful tapas that pair well with wine and allow everyone to snack and taste for hours. Including things like grilled chile-glazed prawns with salt and pepper limes,  grilled chicken kabobs, and lemony salsa verde, will provide a well rounded base that you can build other dishes into easily.  Almonds, sardines, olives, various cheeses, and pita bread are simple yet perfect items to incorporate.  Add sliced veggies for friends who are gluten free.

Keep a few things in the kitchen and bring one or two out every hour or so.  Spreads are great for this. A falafel, hummus, and a tapenade spread are excellent compliments to a menu like this one.  This is also a good time to serve a different wine. My friends always use a car service home. Make sure your friends do the same.  


For dessert, put your best jar of organic honey on the table with figs and a white cheddar cheese.  Together the flavor is out of this world. Which is exactly what the special people in my life deserve.  A Millesima wine, amazing food, and unrushed time to truly connect.  


Cheers to creating your own traditions!  

If you have questions feel free to reach out via IG or my website.  

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Photography, Creative Direction, Product, Prop, Model Sourcing and Styling by Christiann Koepke

Written by: Tonja Brown




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