Getaway – Catch The Sunrise with These Savory Dutch Babies

Do you ever see a recipe and think “ummm how soon can I make this?” To be honest, this happens to me often. How could it not when food is my life?

…. But what I’m talking about right now is a whole other category of recipe excitement. These are the type of recipes that I see and I can’t stop thinking about. This was the case when I saw Bon Appetit’s recipe for these savory dutch babies. Not only are they vibrant and beautiful, they’re also “life changing – delicious”. And so I decided to not reinvent the wheel here, rather enjoy making this recipe and focus on bringing it to life outdoors.


Just because it’s the middle of winter doesn’t mean you can’t venture out and create a memorable moment at sunrise with someone you love. Bundle up, pack your picnic basket, and head out to catch the sunrise.

…Perhaps too chilly that early? Well – how about breakfast for dinner at sunset?

These dutch babies are easy to make and transport. You can either top them at home – or – bring the toppings with you and assemble on site. Just make sure to bring a pot of hot coffee or tea to stay warm.

Feel free to get creative with the toppings. Here’s 3 different combos I tried and loved:

Feta cheese
Chanterelle mushrooms, sauteed in butter
Spinach, sauteed lightly


Smoked salmon
Poached eggs (3-4 min)

Smoked salmon
Goat cheese

Hope you enjoy this inspirational post!

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