5 New York Desserts That’ll Make You Pack A Carry On

Summer is well on it’s way and with these longer days, warm temperatures, and whimsical evenings, and I can’t help but reminisce of my travels this spring! I flew out to NYC early April to spend a few days adventuring around the city with KitchenAid and documented the entire experience (I mean of course I did ; ) )!

If you’ve been to New York City, you’ll agree that it’s quite the foodie mecca with endless options to the point where it actually gets quite overwhelming. In my opinion, exploring a city like NYC should be carefree and fun, so I’m here to give you a quick go to guide for your next trip, or if you live in the city, maybe you can try out some new places! So here you go, I’m bringing you 5 New York desserts that’ll make you pack a carry on :

  1. Cookie heaven that’s actually allergy-friendly {gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, even vegan} : Cookie Dough Confections

    Cookie dough in a cone? Yes please.

    And wait…I can even take a tub home to bake up later when I’m enjoying a movie with friends at home? Sounds like a win win situation to me.

    Some popular flavors are grain- and butter-free Peanut Butter Chickpea Chocolate Chip, Breakfast Banana Chocolate Chop, or Almond Butter Chocolate Chip.

    Just in case you want to try it for yourself and can’t make it to NYC fast enough for your craving, you can even order online and get a shipment to your door this week!

    2. Sweet Mexican treats that support a cause : La Newyorkina

    This shop is overflowing with all sorts of natural, handmade Mexican ice creams & sweets. Not only do they offer famed paletas (traditional frozen fruit ice pops), but also other frozen desserts like handmade nieves de garrafa (water based sorbet) or helados (in case you are wondering what it is…it’s authentic Hispanic-style ice cream), and other Mexican confections.

    On top of all the sweetness, a portion of their profits going to Crea, an organization based in Mexico that helps women from low-income households create and run small businesses – which I love.

    You can read more about Fany’s inspiring story that she shared with us while in the shop at this link. Also, make sure to pick up at least one of Fany’s books here!


    { modeling by Jane }

    3. Hong Kong eats and sweets with a bit of New York flavor : New Territories NYC

    These desserts are outrageous, I mean check out this chocolate milkshake! A real work of art, to say the least. The menu was crafted to bring a variety of artfully built combos of Hong Kong’s infamous street snack (the bubble waffle) with local artisan ice cream and modern take on popular dessert favorites.

    Their affogato is named the “AffoTHAIgo” : classic bubble waffle pieces, artisan vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream and Thai tea. Basically, just say yes.

    4. Celeb chef Marcus Samuelsson celebrates the roots of American cuisine through comfort food & music : Red Rooster Harlem

    Showcasing comfort food through feature dishes like fried yard bird, cornbread, shrimp and grits and more, Red Rooster Harlem has a admirable focus on the community. They offer a platform to celebrate local artists, musicians and culinary talents. Co-Creators Andrew Chapman, Marcus Samuelsson and team embrace Harlem with a spirit of inclusiveness and community by hiring their family of staff from within the community; inspiring better eating through neighborhood cooking classes, also buying from local purveyors.

    My visit consisted of a tasting of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, so when dessert came around I had no room left! I’ll certainly be making a trip back though, because their “meringue nest” dessert looks to die for : crisp fennel meringue filled with sweetened mascarpone cream, blood orange and rhubarb compote, blood orange and caramel sauce.

    Make sure to get your copy of the Red Rooster Harlem Cookbook!

    • 5. Chinatown cafe with a French Laundry pedigree : Fung Tu

      Chef Jonathan Wu worked for famed chef Thomas Keller before he ventured into opening his own American-Chinese restaurant where the Lower East Side meets Chinatown in a low profile, almost-hidden storefront. Fung Tu focuses on quality ingredients spanning from evolving local tastes, customs, and culture.

    • Ps if you want to learn how to master the “pan flip”, check this out!
    • My visit to the restaurant was specific to a full range dessert tasting, featuring 7 remarkable desserts! I cannot even begin to describe the smoked and fried dates stuffed with duck – I was shocked, I mean, for dessert? The sweet and savory combination was out of this world. Here’s the other 6 we tried:
    • Chocolate – peanut butter ganache sesame balls

    • Chocolate – peanut butter ganache sesame balls
      Shiitake rice pudding, luxardo cherries, dried mangoHalo halo, oat milk, fresh fruitCardamom ice creamOolong ice creamPassionfruit sorbet


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