Winter Nordic: Almond Cake Topped with Black Currant Jam

Almond Cake Topped with Black Current Jam

Just off the weekend’s Secret Supper and so excited to bring you this dual recipe, based on a winter nordic theme: Almond Cake topped with a Rhubarb, Black Currant, & Rose Jam! I served this at my Supper and everyone was raving at how delicious it was!

Just in case you missed last week’s post, make sure to check it out if you’re curious about the beautiful table setting below! I walk you through, step-by-step, how to find out more about how to style your own holiday table.

slice of cake

This almond cake is the perfect cake, truly – composed of a wonderful amount of eggs, sugar and butter, accompanied by my new favorite flour, hazelnut flour. There’s actually 3 flours in full though, hazelnut, almond and cake flour. Keep in mind that the cake flour can easily be substituted for a gluten free baking 1 to 1 flour like this one if you wish this to be free of gluten.

The jam – lets talk about how amazing it really is! I developed the recipe so that there would be leftovers, and it’sĀ highly recommended that it lands in your fridge in a mason jar, ready to be spread on everything in site for weeks after. It also makes a superb holiday gift, if anyone is eager to get some DIY gifting on!

The meringue – it was a tricky one! I actually shot this recipe the first time I tested this, and I made the cake with the meringue baking in the oven right with the cake. It worked.. almost. My almond cake was slightly gooey just in the center, and this happened because I wasn’t able to fully test the doneness of this cake until after I sliced into it.

So! Revised approach – make an Italian meringue like we did at the Supper on Sunday – you can make the cake in advance as well as the meringue, but separately. Then, just before serving it, you top it with meringue and torch it right in front of your guests for a little show. It’s easy and fool proof! You can read more on this technique here.

There’s a few steps to this almond cake, so I’d recommend making the jam one day, and then the cake the next. It’s well worth the effort, and keeps for 2-3 days easily as it’s moist and dense. I hope you enjoy and have the opportunity to serve it at your next holiday party!

winter-nordic-cake-with-a-rhubarb-black-current-rose-jam-photography-styling-by-christiannkoepke-com-28 winter-nordic-cake-with-a-rhubarb-black-current-rose-jam-photography-styling-by-christiannkoepke-com-29




winter-nordic-cake-with-a-rhubarb-black-current-rose-jam-photography-styling-by-christiannkoepke-com-25 winter-nordic-cake-with-a-rhubarb-black-current-rose-jam-photography-styling-by-christiannkoepke-com-21 winter-nordic-cake-with-a-rhubarb-black-current-rose-jam-photography-styling-by-christiannkoepke-com-20





Winter Nordic: Almond Cake Topped with Black Current Jam | Christiann Koepke

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