Kinfolk October Gathering | A Messy Meal


Last Saturday night was truly one to remember. We dined, we laughed, we savored. Life was simple and insanely delicious for a few short hours on the shoreline of the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon. Beautiful faces gathered around a table on the third floor of Alderbrook Station, an early 1900’s renovated boat house nestled right over the water. I was stunned the moment I arrived on location as every corner of all three floors, not to mention the majestic views just outside, was picturesque in every way. Thankfully I had my camera on hand and ready to shoot throughout the evening!

I was delightfully amazed at the Kinfolk staff- they were pleasant and sweet; pure, creative individuals who brought simplicity and beauty through an evening of hosting like minded souls. Unwavering conversations made hours seem like minutes as we enjoyed passing bowls of roasted vegetables and various salads, the main course being a fine selection of Sushi from our very own local Bamboo Sushi. There was also a veggie wrap table available with a spread consisting of collard greens, beets, carrots, avocados and more. The wine selection was lovely as well, provided by Antica Terra, sourced locally from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We topped off the evening with sweets from Woodblock Chocolate and handmade pear tarts from Adriana’s lovely home kitchen.

The evening ended with conversations between delightfully found and treasured acquaintances. The sense of community was overwhelming as a collective of talented individuals spent the evening simply being together.



























There was nothing quite like it- the only times I’ve ever experienced something like this before was when I lived in northern California. I would spend days in advance preparing for a 3-5 course dinner, hosted in my downtown loft apartment for my dearest friends. Everyone would arrive at my door with wine in hand in expectation for the night ahead that typically lasted 4-5 hours over the course of an evening.

Some of my most treasured times have been spent around a dinner table. Somehow life stands still over evenings spent together- it becomes about something more as there’s an irrevocable sense of togetherness. These treasured evenings somehow in all their simplicity brought a new meaning in the course of every day. Relationships strengthened, happiness abounded and hearts banded together with little effort. Friendships grew with a sense of love and compassion as deeper, meaningful conversations were had that would last for years to come.

I feel privileged to have spent an evening with the Kinfolk team who are so passionately spreading the beauty of living simply around the world in our modern day. People are craving what they are emanating as is clear by the response they’ve received through the Kinfolk Community as a whole in various ways, through print, online, and global events. I hope you too can find ways to incorporate this simple approach in your own life by creating opportunities to gather loved ones in your kitchen and around your dining room table. Here’s to living a beautiful, simple life, full of meaning and lasting relationships….




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