Valentines Table Decor

Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays of the year. 

Why you might ask? Because it gives us all an opportunity to pause for a day and think about all the people in our lives that we love. Whether that be a special someone, treasured family member (hey Mom, thinking of you : )), sweet nieces and nephews, or – our closest friends. I’m all about living life fully and beautifully. One way to do this is to savor each holiday. This can be calendar holidays celebrated culturally or – special days/times set aside for you and your friends.

This Valentine’s day, I decided to show myself some love and share that love with my friends. 

Begin with choosing a date. February 14 falls on a Friday this year – but any night over the weekend works! Next, focus on setting the scene right: create a beautiful table/corner to relax. I chose some of my most loved pieces from H&M’s latest collection. It’s all linked up below so you too can create this look. 

H&M Products Used


Patterned Cotton Cushion Cover: Light Beige, 20×20

Patterned Cotton Cushion Cover: Yellow, 20×20

Metal Candlestick- sold out (substitute Brass Candlestick): Gold-colored

Large Stoneware Plate: Natural White

3-pack Cutlery: Gold-colored

Metal Cake Stand: Gold-colored

Porcelain Salt and Pepper Set: White/Dark Grey

Small Marble Candlestick: Black

Short Brass Candlestick: Gold-colored

3-pack Metal Bowls: Gold-colored

Round Metal Tray: Gold-colored/crocodile


+Target: 12.2″ 2pk Unscented Taper Candle Orange – Smith & Hawken


Pick out a couple pieces to pair with what you already have at home, or – splurge and get the whole collection. H&M’s prices help with making it a cost effective night. Just remember –  have fun and make the look yours. Tip: keep the pieces or use them as gifts for your friends to take home (because… can we talk about this Round Metal Tray?!).

Creating an evening of good food and facials will make everyone’s day.  This part is simple. All you need is your beautiful table, red themed cocktails (recipe coming soon!) and a beautiful, delicious dessert (coming later this week). For facials you need a towel for everyone, along with hypoallergenic cleanser, mask and moisturizer.  See my recommendation list below! To top the evening off, have 1 Netflix comedy in the queue. Enjoy the love and laughs.  


Happy V-day, Friends : )


Facial Order List: 


Additional Gift Ideas:


Recipes Shown:

Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Buttercream Frosting (Recipe Coming Soon)

Grace Kelly Cocktail (Recipe Coming Soon)

Don’t forget to take pictures of your night!  Can’t wait to see. Reach out with any questions/thoughts. You can reach me via comments below or on over on Instagram.  I read and respond to all of them! Will look out for your comments.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!  

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