Decorate With Friends & Crate & Barrel

You deserve to enjoy everything about the holidays and this certainly includes decorating! I think it’s one of the best parts of this time of year ; ).

And so, I highly recommend gathering a few friends to help you. As the song says, “that’s what friends are for.” Providing good food and warm beverage is all most friends need. You have them covered and I have you covered. Here are a few creative inspirations to start planning for your decor party.

I – What To Serve Your Friends


Keep it simple.  If they are super hungry and want more than what I am suggesting… call a restaurant that delivers :-). Have a hot chocolate station set up when they arrive.  Surround it with holiday treats that you all can munch on throughout the afternoon.  These are a few of my favorites: Salted Caramel Cocoa,  Double Chocolate Cocoa,  Snowflake Marshmallows, and Peppermint Bark.  C&B is my go to for holiday goodies.

II – What Is Your Decor Vibe?


Your friends will need direction.  So, think about the vibe you want to create.  I am a sharing an example of a Luxe decor approach.  If you want your room to glow like Beyonce this is for you.  But you should plan a look that reflects what you want. The way a room looks, directly affects the way you feel.  Just reach out to me on social or in the comments if you need additional tips to achieve the vibe you want.


To achieve this look use white, gold, and silver as a base palette. Also these C&B Large Rose Gold Glitter Ball Ornaments are A MUST.  For a moment, I actually wanted to be a Christmas tree when I first lay eyes on these exquisite ornaments haha!


Don’t worry, the Luxe look does not mean that traditional red and green are not welcome.  These Cozy Weave Green Stocking could not be more perfect next to Red Berry Garland.  

III – Refresh Your Tree Skirt


Your tree is not complete until you find a skirt that feels like the holidays.  I am sharing two suggestions as motivation to donate your old skirt. The Abaca Tree Collar and the  Peppermint Throw …try one or both.  You’ll feel instantly refreshed with the new look!

IV – Create the Glow


Lights and candles help tastefully bring a warm glow to your holiday decor.  I am a fan of the Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders.  You should also consider the Balsam and Cedar Scented Candles, Green Pine Tree Candles, and this Chalet Silver Pillar Holder.  Please be careful about where you (or your friends) place any candle.  


And last but never least, the Twinkle Silver String Lights are just so pretty.  After the decorating is done, turn out your room lights and enjoy the twinkling lights and beautiful room you all created together.


Can’t wait to see what you create! If you have questions feel free to reach out via IG or my website.  Share your before and after or – in process shots on social media by tagging @crateandbarrel and @christiannkoepke! And – make sure to see more on Crate & Barrel’s feature at this link!



[Post is sponsored. All opinions are my own]


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