3 Delicious Recipes For An Autumn Beach Picnic

Who says a trip to the beach is only for the summer? For the record, it is not : ) . I believe that you can and should go to the beach whenever you feel the urge – even in November.

A dinner out in nature with friends is the perfect way to usher in Thanksgiving week, and, can I be as bold as to recommend it as an option for Thanksgiving day?! Because why not? The ocean has a year-round calming effect that is good for all of us. Every time I go I instantly feel refreshed.

Also -a bonus to planning a beach picnic in the Fall for yourself or with friends, is that you could can have all the space you want. You are not competing with tons of people with towels, huge umbrellas, and volleyball nets. Which is why this is my favorite time of year to spend an afternoon on the ocean. Not to mention that you don’t have to wear a swimsuit. You favorite pair of jeans and a cozy sweater and blanket will do.

I have you covered on the menu -and- what to pack. You just need to grocery shop (or order online to have groceries delivered) -and- pick the friends you want invite.

The Menu


For the perfect Fall weekend afternoon at the beach, here are 3 perfect “anchor” menu items.  This means they are what you build your sides and drinks around. Each of the 3 is a tried and true favorite.  As you know, I create my own recipes, but I also enjoy finding incredible recipes to share. When I come across really good ones, you are always the first to know.  These are from Goop, Oprah Magazine, and Bon Appetit.   


Here are the anchor menu items:

Donabe Steamed Mussels with Chinese Sausage and Green Curry

Butternut Squash, Spinach, Ricotta, and Feta Grilled Pizzas [made with these soccas]

Young Lettuces with Herbed Avocado with sesame seeds


Make sure to click to learn more!  I also wanted to share a helpful packing checklist….  

Packing List


  • Grill + lighter  & Wood + Lighter Fluid & Starter + Grill Tools
  • Wine + Wine opener + Water Pitcher
  • Pot for mussels (I love this Staub!) + A few small side bowls + Medium and Large Bowl
  • Cutting board + Big knife + Anthropologie silverware + Cups
  • Paper towels (or napkins if you like conserve paper) + Drinks
  • Canvas Tent Material for Tablecloth + A Few Blankets  + Pillows
  • Low Fold Out Table + Crate & Barrel Wicker Tray + Earth and Element Ceramic plates
  • West Elm pillows, blankets, cups





Side Items

  • Sea beans + Tomatillos / Papalo / Cilantro for Salsa
  • Butter + Bread





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