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Designing a space can sometimes feel daunting. There’s inspiration everywhere, but when it comes down to it, it can be an incredibly overwhelming process for most. When designing a space, whether a small room or entire house, there are key essentials that need to be considered.

The process requires you to combine various materials, textures and furnishings. All of these elements come together to tell a story about who you are and what matters to you.

I partnered with Corian® Design, a brand that offers design materials, sinks, and an array of design elements to make your space uniquely you, to help showcase their new Moodboard Maker. Corian is a source of inspiration for architects, designers, and homeowners around the world. They offer Corian Solid Surface as well as Corian Quartz in over 100 different colors and patterns.

The new Moodboard Maker online tool is now available to help you make your space uniquely you, with visual inspiration and practical tools to bring all the key essentials together. It serves not only as a collection of reference textures, colors, patterns and materials, but also becomes a unique, personalized piece of art you can share, save and/or print and frame. The design planning process just went next level with this interactive tool : ). It’s super fun.


When creating my own moodboard, I spent some time thinking about the design inspiration behind the look I wanted to create.

My recent travels took me to London, Zürich, Switzerland and Austria. All the beauty I soaked up on my trip inspired this look. From the top of the Swiss Alps to the lobby of a beautiful hotel in London’s Shoreditch district, to some recent in studio recipe development work, all of the elements came together to create this timeless and inspirational board.

My newly curated moodboard now serves as a point of inspiration from which I can design an entire room, corner, set, or even house. This collection of reference textures, colors, patterns and materials is now my unique, personalized art piece that I can even now print and frame to inspire me to get out and make this my reality.


Want to try it out for yourself? The Moodboard Maker is a simple experience and takes just a few steps:

1. Choose the style that most represents you.

  • Each style is associated with a unique mosaic shape (for example:
    modern will have hard edges) as
    well as unique textures to choose from (minimalist might be sleek metals
    and monochromatic patterns while organic features driftwood textures
    and floral patterns.)

2. Fill your mosaic with a Corian swatch and then with any other images,
patterns or textures of your choice. You can use our preloaded options or
upload any image! Think outside the box, this is your chance to create something uniquely you.

  • I loved including the Corian White Onyx and Smoke Drift Prima. They were inspirational choices because they each paired so perfectly with the other elements added, working together to create a beautiful look. The addition of a clean, yet textured appearance of white marble never gets old to me.

3. Save and share your moodboard using #corianmoodboardmaker

4. Use your board to inspire your next project!


Whatever you want to do, Corian can make your space uniquely you. Try it out for yourself! Takes just 5 minutes. Use the Corian Moodboard Maker here. Share your designs with me on social by tagging @christiannkoepke and @coriandesign and by using the hashtag #corianmoodboardmaker.


Interested in seeing this moodboard come to life in your own space with Corian® Design? Reach out to me on social or via email and let’s talk!


[Post is sponsored and all opinions are my own]

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