A Holiday Ready Dining Room with West Elm

Every season and what I call the “In-Between seasons”, brings inspiration to my life. The change in colors and weather lights my creative fire.

The last season of the year is special because it includes multiple festive holidays and allows me to share even more with you. Also reminds me of one of the greatest things in life; spending time together with friends and family around a table.

As much as I love the holiday season, I also understand that the majority of us all end up pressed for time. Simplifying our decor – without sacrificing beauty, is not out of reach and will save time. So, this season I am creating a table setting that will last. A decorative approach that you can enjoy, not just for one holiday, but all three. I partnered with West Elm to create a dining room decor approach that can take you through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

I’m always looking for new ways to go beyond what’s been done before. I get bored with traditional approaches to holiday decoration that we’re all familiar with. I see it like this: traditions are meant to be remixed to keep things fresh.

This year I am all about “Glimmer & Glow”.

Here are a few easy tips and steps for how to set a table that will leave your guests not only wowed, but more importantly, loved. A table that creates a glamorous atmosphere that’s approachable, yet will carry an atmosphere to host the whimsical holiday season that this time of year brings.



Take a moment to think about the color and tones. Remember…think fresh, new and inviting. Red and green and pumpkins/orange are not allowed here : ) .

Ask the question:

  • Do I want something bold & rich to magnify the glamorous look – or – do I want something clean & simple?
  • Focus on your centerpiece- it’s crucial to tying it all in.
  • It’s all about layers and textures.
  • What warm or clean tones and elements do I want to bring together?
  • What colors will add sparkle, glimmer, and glow?


Designing a bold & rich -or- clean & simple table setting.


Start by deciding what you will anchor the space with.
– An anchor is a central element that serves as a foundation for your decor theme. This is typically realized through your tablecloth and chairs as they are the most prominent features in the room.


Choose your decor elements.
– Decor elements are the items that sit on or near your anchor items. These will be your cups, plates, serving dishes, napkins, cutlery and more. Consider it the 2nd layer of your decor cake.

  • Lay out all these objects or pieces.
  • Take it in. Your should start to see your vision come together.
  • When you step back, you may also see things you want to change. Remember, all the elements work together to create a unique look and feel.
  • Edit your vision as you see fit.


Decide what will finish the room and tie everything in.

These are your final touches that ensure the Glimmer & Glow is true to your vision. Gold, silver, and/or neutral items will be the final touches. From throws on the back of chairs to items added to blank spaces on the table or even jewelry for your wine or champagne glasses. Have fun here!

Now that I have shared a few tips & steps… below I’ve outlined my process and the product I utilized from West Elm!

I wanted something that complimented the glamorous, rich look but wasn’t too overbearing. You can easily recreate this yourself or with friends/family. Reach out to me on social or my blog if you have any questions!


  • Gold and glitter.
  • Bold and rich.


  • Linen tablecloth and a macrame runner.  
  • Always have a base throughout the middle. Either material or greenery works beautifully.



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