From Summer to Autumn: Setting A Table for the “In-between” Season

My world revolves around food.

Needless to say my dining room is important – it’s the center of community, where I spend late nights and weekend mornings with the sweetest of friends. Therefore…a beautiful table setting is a must as it’s the atmosphere that’s set in place for creating moments. The seasons – or what I like to call the “in-between seasons” – provide endless inspiration for my dining room.

So what is an “in-between season”?

It’s that beautiful, short span of time toward the end of a season, when you can feel the change in the weather, smell the shifting in the air, see the colors start to change.

Are you thinking it is too early to pull out the orange pumpkins, and too late for vibrant, flashy tones? Not so : ).
In-between seasons provide freedom to mix the colors of the “current season” with the colors of the “coming season.” This is when I turn to Anthropologie for inspiration.

Theme & Color Scheme:

I believe in embracing every moment.

The first step to redesigning your dining room table is to slow down and think about what you love about the current and coming seasons. Jot those things down. This will help determine the theme and colors for your table setting and also provide a point of inspiration to carry you through the project.

Dishes & Decor:

I believe in being practical.

No need to start from scratch every time. There are often great things tucked away in our home or apartments that can be pulled out, dusted off and used to pair with the new. See what you might have stashed away and what you need to buy. Once you select your favorite dishes…it’s time to go to Anthro to bring your vision to life. PS – some of my favorite Anthropologie items can be found at the bottom of this post with links!

You don’t need to live in the countryside to create a beautiful, unique table.

Head to the grocery store or market for the finishing touches. Everything you need to create the right vibe is there!

Use unexpected things you’ve never used before and gather them from unexpected places….

I used sunflowers, fresh dill, purslane, and a special variety of Oyster mushrooms that totally look like roses petals! I also used wild grass that I snatched on my walk home from the store next to a random parking lot : ).

Don’t forget your walls and windows! Picture frames don’t always require photos. Try framing pages from old books to elevate the room and swap out curtains to change the feel of a room instantly. I chose two totally different panel sets, and paired them next to each other for an unexpected twist.

Table & Set Up:

It’s time to set the table! This should totally be a fun and creative experience. Plan a meal while you’re at it – that way you can invite a few friends over early to help set up and then relax and enjoy the moment. Have coffee and drinks ready – it’s the perfect opportunity to connect and create together.

You’ll need a long or round table with a separate mini-bar (perfect for pre-brunch champagne & mimosas). I pulled my favorite off-white macrame runner that I got last year from Anthro – it never gets old (find it here!) and a linen tablecloth from my linen closet. These two together turned out to be the perfect pairing with my new items.

Next, grab your chopping board, dishes, and decor items. Start with the table settings (utensils, napkins, plates, and glasses). After those are in place, grab the bowls you want to use for food or decor. I always include a chopping board, as it’s uses are endless. Use it to display edibles for your table -or- for instance, a centerpiece spread of any type.

A beautiful brunch spread to share with friends and family is always a win for me. Grab your grocery items and/or make these pumpkin nutella bites, dark chocolate waffles, or this to die for paleo granola that I can’t ever get enough of!!

Start placing each item on and around the table. Lay it all out beautifully but intentionally – a bountiful table is always welcoming and beautiful, just ensure it’s not cluttered.

Then – step back, take the beauty in, and invite your friends to take a seat. Enjoy the Summer to Autumn “in-between seasons” with those you love… this is what beauty and embracing every moment looks like.


Here’s some of my favorite Anthropologie pieces I chose for the room design!

Decker Five shelf Bookshelf
Platte Rug
Redsmith Dining Chair
Pinch Pleat Curtain 108X50 – whisper grey
Cotton Tie-Top Curtain 108X50 – ivory
Lariat Hanging Frame
Neona Flatware
Marbled Glenna Dinner Plate
Sicily Cheese Board

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