6 Small Space Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays

6 Small Space Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays | Christiann Koepke

6 Small Space Ideas for Creating a Holiday Wonderland

Living in a small space that’s 370 square feet is a challenge in everyday life. But then come the holidays, the most whimsical time of year, and suddenly space is precious on a whole new level! No one needs that stress, and clutter certainly doesn’t help the effort of enjoying peaceful moments those few weeks before Christmas.

Finding ways to bring in holiday decorations (without maxing out what little space you have) is a challenge. Still, I’ve found that it can be overcome – it’s all about incorporating the right pieces with intention.

One of the key factors is taking what is already existing in your space and repurposing it with some holiday cheer.

Many people in our current day live in small spaces, and finding ideas to make it work for you in a creative, beautiful way is something that everyone seems to be looking for — myself included! Below you’ll find some simple steps that are easy to incorporate and I think you’ll find that the transformation will be wonderfully surprising. And don’t worry, these can all be incorporated over your weekend in time for Christmas week!

After looking through these simple small space ideas, check out my studio in it’s year round state in comparison with this holiday makeover to see the before and after! You can also find many of the pieces I used in this post at West Elm.

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Idea 1. Repurpose What You Already Have

Transforming your space for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful and it’s actually quite simple. This all comes down to finding creative ways to repurposing what you already have!

A great way to instantly open up a room and give it a warm and cozy wintery feel is to simply to repurpose a table in your space that’s already existing near a window.

Cover it with a linen tablecloth or pick up 1-2 yards of fabric like this, and then place your favorite holiday decor items and several taper candles together. Hang a wreath above it and you instantly have a transformed corner.

In these images you’ll see that I re purposed my work desk and decided worked from my bed for a few short weeks. All I need is a tray table, comfy blanket, and hot chocolate in hand ( of course!).

Idea 2. Be Intentional with Placement

Tree placement is everything, as it’s likely your biggest addition to a small space. I tend to love it near windows, both for the reflection and also so that it can be viewed outside.

Often times, a tree topper is an assumed necessity. However, this year I decided to try going without a topper and I kind of loved it! It provided a rustic feel, and felt just that much less cluttered in my already small space.

Look for ways to bring decor into small areas in each room of your home.

Perhaps there’s even a little side table in your bathroom that you can repurpose? Take the top shelf of that linen cabinet and place a small tree ornament and a pine scented candle on it.

Idea 3. Decorate with Pre-wrapped Gifts

Christmas is all about giving, right? You already have presents to wrap, so instead of waiting until the last minute and spending potentially hours doing it all at once, wrap as you buy throughout December and focus on adding in simple, beautiful elements.

My favorite way to wrap: kraft paper, yarn or twine and any variety of fresh or dried greens. So simple, but it always looks so good no matter what I have on hand! I also like to dress it up from there with a cute wooden ornament or glittery star ornament tied in the middle.

Don’t limit yourself to gifts under your tree only: Place them on a corner chair in a beautiful pile to showcase their festive look.

Idea 4. Take the Minimalist Approach

Minimalist design helps a room feel open and is a key element in small space living. Bringing this design concept throughout my space was refreshing and was even perfect for my tree! I pulled out a few favorite ornaments and then draped a white star garland that I recently picked up in Denmark. You can get something similar here.

I also loved incorporating LED lights — it was a beautiful look that appeared as tiny jewels on my tree. I’m totally spoiled now, no longer needing to be reliant on bulky lights.

These specific lights I used are perfect as they’re built on wire, making it seamless to wrap around branches and throughout open areas ( common if you get a tree like this Alpine).

More below on decorating with wreaths, but in the effort of keeping this minimalistic to keep that tiny space as open as possible, feel free to keep your wreaths simple : grab a thin, rustic pre made wreath, some floral wire and attach a few pine branches ( utilize those leftover clippings from trimming the bottom of your tree!), some juniper berries and some mistletoe. That’s all you need, but honestly anything will work, even just pine clippings.

I hung my wreathes with twine and tied it around my blinds at the top so that I didn’t even have to pin anything into the wall : low commitment for your short holiday season.

Idea 5. Decorate With Wreaths

I love wreaths. There’s just something amazing about them, and they’re especially perfect when winter hits. Wall space is always a commodity in small space living, but hanging wreaths on windows is a perfect and easy solution to livening your space without removing your already hanging pictures to make room.

You can also hang wreaths wherever you have a door handle. Look around for extra door handles to your closet or bathroom, or your armoire or cabinet. You’ll quickly find the endless options!

Another great way to liven up a dining area is to hang wreaths on the backs of your chair with some festive ribbon. It’s so pretty but is the perfect look for your next gathering.

Idea 6. Add Cozy Elements

Two other favorite elements that mustn’t be missed: candles and fur.

You seriously can’t go wrong with these! Place candles everywhere, preferably in holiday scents of course, and then pile fur blankets wherever there’s room for a cozying up area with loved ones.

What are some small space ideas that you’ve used in the past?

I’d love to here from you in the comments!

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