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Every Secret Supper we host has it’s own beautiful theme and our recent September Supper, Ebb & Flow was no exception. We had the best team, comprised of fellow creatives and chefs and our guests were so lovely as well! Thank you to sweet Eva Kosmas Flores and Danielle Firle for co hosting with me (check out their recap posts here and here!) and to Mona and Jaret, our chefs for being amazing as always. Our staff arrived Friday and held out with us until Sunday afternoon, putting in a weekend of hard, but beautiful work! Thank you so much Lena, Megan Mary, Wynn, Hope, Jeanette, Karlee, Amanda and Stephanie, you were all truly amazing to work with!


Soon as the guests arrived, the fog rolled in creating a beautiful backdrop for the table which was set right near the sea. By the time we neared the second course, the sun started to break through and we were blessed with the most beautiful golden light at sunset! You’ll see in the images below the transition of light and how incredible it was throughout the evening. The night ended around a bon fire as guests and staff cozied in to warm up from the brisk wind. It was a beautiful event, through and through and we’ve opened seats for our November Supper, happening on the 12th! More info at the below link, and you can sign up for our newsletter to be notified for future Suppers (2017 dates coming soon!).

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Months ago when we were talking about 2016 Suppers, Eva wanted to have a table near water, and in looking for locations for Ebb & Flow, we couldn’t help but venture to the beach. It was a daunting decision, knowing that the Oregon Coast in general can be very unpredictable for weather let alone the effort it would take to set up a Supper right out near the water, but we did it and it was worth every. I wanted to feature seafood at this Supper, and Mona & Jaret landed on crafting the menu around Portuguese Cuisine.


I especially love the images from this Supper and I think it’s because the setting was just absolutely remarkable; the food and preparation of it was beautifully highlighted at this Supper. Eva and I served appetizers; her grilled shrimp with garlic and preserved lemon butter was so tasty alongside my smoked deep sea tomato jam and goat cheese tart with meyer lemon oil. Katie and Luke from Bull In China served cocktails starting off with a sea bean infused salty martini, finishing the night with literally one of the most delicious drinks I’ve had, a Kaffe Punch.

Mona and Jaret killed it again, preparing everything over an open fire near the table as always. The first course highlighted grilled, fresh sardines that were flown in directly from Portugal, the second course, a tuna salad, and the main, a Portuguese seafood stew with clams, cod and potatoes served with bacalhau toasts. We finished the Supper with Eva’s Portuguese almond custard cake with lemon zest which paired perfectly with the Kaffe Punch.

Danielle did a superb job at wine pairings yet again, working with Willamette Valley Vineyards who provided some remarkable wines for our guests. You can see the menu in detail below, and thank you so much to our sponsors who made this event stunning in every way!






Ebb & Flow Menu

grilled shrimp with garlic and preserved lemon butter
smoked deep sea tomato jam & goat cheese tart
with meyer lemon oil
salty martini
sea bean infused aviation gin or volstead vodka, dry vermouth
& lavender bitters
grilled fresh sardines with chopped green herb salsa, fennel,
arugula & charred lemon
tuna salad with chickpeas, egg, green beans, tomatoes,
cucumbers & olives
portuguese seafood stew with clams, cod & potatoes,
served with bacalhau toasts


almond custard cake with lemon zest
kaffe punch
house spirits coffee liqueur, krogstad aquavit, rootbeer, lemon oil, tea cream


Tournant | @tournantpdx : Chef partners

House Spirits | @housespiritsdistillery: House Spirits coffee liqueur, Aviation gin, Volstead vodka

Willamette Valley Vineyards | @willamettevalleyvineyards : Wine selection : Grüner, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Something Borrowed | @something_borrowed_pdx : Vintage rentals

TwoXSea | @twoxseapdx : Seafood

Vermont Creamery |  @vermontcreamery : Various cheese and butter

Cobram Estate | @cobramestateusa : Extra virgin olive oi

Amy Rochelle Press | @amyrochellepress : Custom menus

Marshall’s Haute Sauce | @spicymarshall : Deep sea hot sauce, Seafood rub

Carter + Rose | @carter_and_rose : Custom ceramic place settings

West Elm | @westelm : Belgian flax linen napkins , Gold flatware , Belgian flax linen tablecloth

Bull in China | @bullinchinapdx : Cocktail service + cocktail recipe development

Alma Chocolate | @almachocolate : Various chocolate bars

Killer Roasting Co. | @killerroastingco : Coffee beans

Portland Juice Co. | @portlandjuiceco : Cold pressed juice

Beach House : Secret location
























ebb-flow-secret-supper-photography-by-christiann-koepke-of-christiannkoepke-com-48 ebb-flow-secret-supper-photography-by-christiann-koepke-of-christiannkoepke-com-49ebb-flow-secret-supper-photography-by-christiann-koepke-of-christiannkoepke-com-51



ebb-flow-secret-supper-photography-by-christiann-koepke-of-christiannkoepke-com-67 ebb-flow-secret-supper-photography-by-christiann-koepke-of-christiannkoepke-com-68ebb-flow-secret-supper-photography-by-christiann-koepke-of-christiannkoepke-com-69




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