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Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-2

As many of you know, earlier this year I took my first trip overseas, a trip that changed my life in so many ways. It was full of beauty, emotion and countless new experiences, all spent with two of my brothers! It was my first international trip, and my first major trip of any kind with a “real” camera. I found myself shooting all day everyday as I was looking to capture each moment and honestly, I’m so thankful I did! Now I have hundreds of photos on hand to remind myself of those incredible moments I had the privilege of experiencing.

Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-13

I’ve been a long time fan of Artifact Uprising and knew upon my return that I wanted to print several of my images so that I could have them accessible, to avoid them from being stuck on my hard drive out of sight. When I reached out to Artifact, they quickly jumped on board and asked if I would host a giveaway, and so here we are!

I’ve created a calendar full of 12 of some of my favorite images from my trip. One lucky winner will win this 12 month calendar, inclusive of my original images, to be enjoyed for the next full year. Pretty cool, right? I myself have a copy, and I am completely in love with the product. It’s printed on quality, heavy weight paper and is clipped to a wooden board. It even has a magnet on the back in case you want to hang it on your fridge or work area at home.

The photos are a collection taken in different cities in England including London, Bath, Canterbury, as well as Edinburgh, Scotland.

Enter to win from September 15 – 22 by providing your email address below. You can earn extra entries by following my Instagram account and by liking the Artifact Uprising Facebook page.



Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-3

Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-11 Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-4

Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-16Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-5  Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-7 Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-8

Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-6  Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-10Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-12

Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-14

Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-9  Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_

Photography by Christiann Koepke of PortlandFreshPhoto.com_-15

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