Hello, friends!

Welcome to my world, where there’s a seat at my table for you. I hope you feel inspired and that as you turn each page on my site, you’ll be reminded that life is beautiful. Consider yourself at home when you’re here; my heart is that my creative journey is not my own, but ours together.

Food and it’s power in our lives is as real to me as the air we breathe. It’s nurturing, it carries warmth, belonging, community, friendship….. It’s about gathering around a simple table at home, away from the chaos, the to do list, and the seemingly growing tension felt in our world. It’s about getting back to the basics – about creating a moment in time where for a minute, a few short hours even, life is simple.

My journey with food began when I was a little girl where our daily ritual as a family was spending every single mealtime together around a large dining room table in a small town in Montana. Three times a day I would find myself at this table over the years, joining in on the simplest of home cooked meals with my family. Those fond memories linger on today, and although those meals were incredibly basic, I remember the satisfaction that resulted which fueled myself and my brothers for the next adventure ahead.

Even though the meals we shared were anything but fancy, it taught me something; that making your own food and gathering around a table together as family is about the joy and fulfillment that comes simply from being together. I learned over the years that in this normal, everyday practice, you don’t need a lavish recipe, expensive ingredients or even a stunning setting to feel like you belong.

It’s moments like these, felt around the table and in the kitchen beforehand that I realized is what makes life meaningful…. The reward comes when we take time to put our hands to work, to create a new family recipe, to gather friends and family together to share life; the everyday.

My love for photography and styling was developed out of my love for cooking and gathering friends around a table. Having a camera in hand not only allows me to share the dishes I am making everyday, it allows me to share them with you!  I am never done cooking until the table is set and the photo is taken. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is even more true when it comes to food.  When I realized this back in 2014, it clicked and I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Never did I think that my love for food would start this beautiful, rewarding journey. Who knew hosting family and friends would spur the inspiration to start a dinner series in Portland, now known as Secret Suppers? That too was just the beginning…

I am a full time photographer, creative director, and of course recipe curator. I am blessed to do what I love for a living and am honored to share it with you. Being a creative director allows me to bring curated recipes to life, using in-season locally grown  ingredients, while capturing it in fresh, inspiring ways. When I am not working or experimenting in my kitchen, I also teach creative food & photography workshops and travel the world capturing beauty.

Today my website is an extension of my table. I see my followers as family and friends and I hope you’ll follow along day to day with me! You can do so by following along with me on Instagram and by signing up for my newsletter to receive occasional (about once weekly) updates to your inbox.

Here’s an insider peek at what I do, captured at a workshop I co hosted last Autumn. Video credits to the amazing Mike of Gather & Feast.

Thanks again for stopping by, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email any questions, thoughts, or comments.  I’ll look for you over on Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter!




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