The 2nd Annual Food & Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

​A Global Event Hosted by Christiann Koepke

January 2018

Learn from a select group of industry experts ranging from top stylists, bloggers, strategists, authors and photographers. Each will be teaching detailed courses on topics every blogger and business – focused influencer should know. Get relevant, relatable, and easy to apply lessons while networking with others in the industry.


January Saturdays, 8am – 2pm PST (US West coast)
Join us from the comfort of your home or office.



Christiann Koepke { Christiann Koepke }

Ashley Rodriguez { Not Without Salt }

Valentina Solfrini { Hortus Cuisine }

Jenn Lynch { Pinterest Strategist }

Melissa Megginson { Tailwind Marketing Manager }

Bea Lubas { Bea’s Cookbook Blog }

Anne Sage { Anne Sage }




This conference is for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The insights shared will be valuable to everyone. If you’re an aspiring blogger, have a social following but need strategies for growth, a photographer, stay at home mom or dad, or simply love to cook and/or create, this conference is for you!


A Beautiful Mess: The Art of Capturing Food Moments
Finding & Refining Your Voice
Instagram: Strategies To Build Buzz & Grow A Loyal Following


Gatherings: The Art of Hosting A Memorable Party
Strategies To Get More Work, & Most importantly – To Get More Work You Love!
Pinterest Optimization: How to Optimize Your Account & Boost Traffic


The Power of Styling With Light
Branding: How I Got Here – Lessons Learned
Decorate For The Life You Want & Maximize Your Creative State


The Power of Tailwind Tribes: How To Maximize Your Pinterest Efforts
Recipe Development For Publications
Tell A Story: The Power of Post Processing



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  • Students can stream live from the comfort of their home or office worldwide.
  • Sessions begin at 8 AM Pacific Standard Time (USA) every Saturday in January.
  • Each session is 90 minutes
  • Early bird pricing is available for a limited time at a discounted rate of $399, through EOD 09DEC
  • Each course will include:
    • Opportunity for Q&A within session so students can gain insight directly from the instructor
    • Take home PDF recap from instructor for easy reference
  • Class forum available to foster community throughout the course between students and teachers.
  • Live sessions are recorded and can be accessed in the archive throughout the course as well as up to 30 days after the last session.
  • Purchase is non refundable


Saturday, January 6th

A Beautiful Mess: The Art of Capturing Food Moments

Instructor : Christiann Koepke { Christiann Koepke }

For years, food photography was known for it’s flawless, plastic – like approach. Seeing a golden, shiny turkey on the holiday table was once embraced without question. Christiann is redefining perfection, by embracing an organic approach to her styling and showcasing the beauty in it. She’s discovered that imagery has the power to draw someone into a moment at a glance.

Working with food is messy. Capturing it’s “real life state” is an art and requires detailed intention. In this class, Christiann will walk you through her process in creating the perfect – not – so – perfect scene that has set her work apart and grown her brand to the success that it is today.


Finding & Refining Your Voice

Instructor: Ashley Rodriguez { Not Without Salt }

In this market it is essential to stand out. But what does that even mean and how can we differentiate in a sea of talented creatives? The answer; be you! In this class, Ashley will teach on ways to fuel your creative life, the process of finding your voice and the importance of doing so. She will help you understand the importance of being you and help define what that looks like.

Ashley will walk you through practical exercises that will lead you to a better understanding of who you are as a creative and what you are wanting to say through your words and images. Learn how to recharge, grow and push yourself in a crowded industry.


Instagram: Strategies To Build Buzz & Grow A Loyal Following

Instructor: Melissa Megginson { Tailwind Marketing Manager }

Did you know that Instagram now has more than 800 million active monthly users? That’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your content! But how can you capture the attention of your audience when there are hundreds of millions of other accounts vying for attention? Whether or note you have a huge following, Instagram is a powerful place to build brand awareness and gain new followers.

In this class, students will learn best practices for building and maintaining their Instagram account, as well as how to find the perfect hashtags to engage your audience. Join in to learn how to build buzz and engage your audience on Instagram with Melissa from Tailwind.


Saturday, January 13th

Strategies To Get More Work, & Most importantly – To Get More Work You Love!

Instructor: Bea Lubas { Bea’s Cookbook Blog }

Why wait restlessly for the perfect opportunities to knock to your door when you can take the ‘fate’ in your hands and start working with the clients you really value.

You don’t get your dream jobs not because your work is not good enough but because your dream clients don’t know about you (YET!). In this class we will not only discuss the opportunities you have to earn money as a food photographer but also the simple techniques of how to share your work to get discovered and attract your ideal clients.


Gatherings: The Art of Hosting A Memorable Party

Instructor : Christiann Koepke { Christiann Koepke }

We’ve all been to parties – some leave us wanting more and others – let’s be honest – we want to run from as soon as we step in the door. Christiann is a firm believer that “Gathering” is an art. The most beautiful and inspirational parties begin with attention to every detail. From pulling together the right menu, to how to set the table or cocktail area, to making your guests feel like they’re family, Christiann will walk you through her process.

In this class, you’ll learn practical ways to host a memorable experience that your guest will rave about for years to come. Christiann’s followers love it -and- brands like West Elm, Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel are tapping into her unique approach.


Pinterest Optimization: How to Optimize Your Account & Boost Traffic

Instructor: Jenn Lynch { Pinterest Strategist }

Pinterest is the #1 search engine for helping blogger’s improve their visibility. Add to the fact that food is the most searched for item on Pinterest and you’re left with an incredible platform for foodies who want to increase their reach.

In this class, we’ll highlight the key areas that you need to focus on to stand out from the crowd and take your account to the next level. We’ll cover SEO optimization, account hacks to boost views, hashtags, board creation + descriptions, how to do an account clean up each month, and an overall understanding of the Pinterest algorithm…plus how to get on its good side. Students will be given the opportunity to ask questions as we go along and will be provided with a summary of the key talking points discussed in the class.


Saturday, January 20th

The Power Of Styling With Light

Instructor: Valentina Solfrini { Hortus Cuisine }

In an overcrowded industry, there’s pressure from every side to follow the current trends. Finding your own style is important, and one of the keys to doing so is understanding the power of working with light and how it influences your work. In this class, Valentina will open up the world of possibilities that light itself holds as we dive in as a class to talk through styling and the joy as well as challenges in working with natural light as a photographer.

Valentina will address questions like:

  • What kind of lighting and styling will work best for an editorial work?
  • What colors and tones work best in each setting and what don’t?
  • In what contexts is it better to use one kind of light and prop pairing over another?

Valentina, who has done an array of professional work from studio portraits to reportage photography to editorial where light and context is always different, will answer all these questions to help you manage light and styling better.


Branding: How I Got Here – Lessons Learned

Instructor: Christiann Koepke { Christiann Koepke }

Building a business starts with an idea and a lot of passion.  From there, strategy, authenticity, and an ability to edit yourself is required to succeed. In this class, Christiann will walk you through the 5 essentials to building a thriving business. She will share how a hobby turned into a passion and how that passion was used to build a business.   


Christiann will share her growth process and lessons learned along the way – mistakes included. Overcoming difficulty is a part of your journey to success. This class will provide take-aways that are essential in overcoming the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

The Power of Tailwind Tribes: How To Maximize Your Pinterest Efforts

Instructor: Melissa Megginson { Tailwind Marketing Manager }

There’s a quote by Hellen Keller that says, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Nearly 100 years later that sentiment holds true – even on Pinterest! In online marketing, it’s incredibly important to focus on community over competition. By working with fellow experts in your niche, we can grow together.

In this session, Melissa will walk you through utilizing Tribes, Tailwind’s latest and greatest tool. Learn how to find your perfect Tribe and expand your reach, traffic, and overall growth in this class from Tailwind’s own inside expert.


Saturday, January 27th

Decorate For The Life You Want & Maximize Your Creative State

Instructor: Anne Sage { Anne Sage }

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves. The design choices we make for our living spaces communicate our personalities and our values, express aspects of our inner self, and tell a story about where we’ve been in our lives. What’s more, when we decorate with intention, we can select and implement our decor to determine where we’re going next!


In this session, Anne will offer insights into the powerful effect that our homes and workspaces can have on our mood, our mindset, and the results that we create in our lives. We’ll review real-life examples and do practical exercises that get us more deeply in touch with our goals and how our environment can further them. By the end of this session, you’ll have gained clarity on the connection between your interior self and your interior design, and you’ll walk away with actionable ideas to set the scene for creative success.

Recipe Development For Publications

Instructor: Ashley Rodriguez { Not Without Salt }

Learn the ins and outs of recipe creation from two-time cookbook author, Ashley Rodriguez. We’ll walk through common mistakes and learn tips to make your recipes worthy of being passed along for generations to come.

The process for bringing a recipe to life is different depending on where the recipe will live. In this class, Ashley will walk you through the entire process of recipe development for book or print; from generating ideas, to organizing, testing and then finally, execution, to ensure the users of the recipe will have the same success you do.


Tell A Story: The Power of Post Processing

Instructor : Christiann Koepke { Christiann Koepke }

Any single image can either 1- share a pretty object or 2- tell a story. Christiann believes that post processing is art in and of itself and should always be telling a story. No matter what stage you’re at with your photography, the final process of editing your image is absolutely key to the success and longevity of the images you share with the world. The time, attention and detail given to processing your images will largely impact how your work will stand out in the industry. This class will start with the basics and quickly advance to detailed development of an image from raw format to a fully processed image that can now be deemed “art”.

There are 2 types of editing: the basic approach of minor brightening and enhancing and the detailed approach where every part of the image goes through careful precision to ensure every aspect compliments the other. In this class, you’ll learn strategies within Lightroom that can result in “next level advancement” to the work you produce.



Christiann is a full time creative director, photographer, and recipe curator, and author of Partnerships in the social, print, design and event space are her specialty. Food is Christiann’s passion as is bringing beauty to her followers and partners via food, interior design projects, lifestyle work, photography, or curating recipes.

Christiann’s client list includes brands like Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Marriott Hotels, Alaska Airlines, West Elm, Starbucks and many more. She is redefining perfection, by embracing “the mess” and showcasing the beauty in it. Her followers love it -and- legacy brands are tapping into her unique approach.  No matter what she is doing at any given moment, she does with intention. This value is at the core of everything Christiann does, and it’s also the foundation of the creative food & photography workshops she teaches.

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While studying art in Italy Ashley fell in love with food and a lifestyle that centered around the table. With a passion for food and feeding people well she shifted her career away from art and toward the kitchen. She spent time working in professional pastry kitchens including Spago in Beverly Hills before starting a blog.

Not Without Salt was named best cooking blog by Saveur magazine and voted one of the top food blogs in the world by the Times of London. Ashley’s first cookbook, Date Night In was published in 2015. When not drinking aged rum with her husband and helping her three kids with homework you can find Ashley teaching food photography workshops, developing recipes for clients such as Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, West Elm, and Anthropologie, updating her shop with fun new products and taking pictures of it all.

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Valentina Solfrini was born in 1990 on the border between Marche and Romagna in a tiny Italian medieval village. Today, she still resides in this village called Gradara, after a bit of wandering through the USA in past years.

Valentina has a background filled with stained hands covered in oil paint, engraving ink, black charcoal, and darkroom developing fluids. She eventually advanced her craft to digital photography which is now her full time profession. Her hands are now stained mostly with olive oil, flour and berries (and, occasionally, butter), as she specializes in publishing throughout the food and wine industry.

Valentina’s work has been published throughout the world, in magazines and online in the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, Italy, and Germany. Her first book inspired by her award-winning blog, Naturally Vegetarian, is available worldwide by Penguin Random House, launching November 2017.

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Anne Sage

Anne Sage has been blogging since 2008 with her signature smart yet stylish approach to fashion, interiors, entertaining and more. A graduate of Stanford University, Anne worked as a consumer strategist in Manhattan prior to becoming a full-time content creator. In 2010 she founded the online lifestyle publication Rue Magazine; and in 2015 she released her first book, an interiors-meets-personal-growth volume entitled Sage Living.

Most recently, she co-founded Light Lab, a creative studio and event space in Los Angeles. She is most likely to be found wrangling her four pets or rearranging the furniture in her East LA home.

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Bea Lubas is a Polish, professional food photographer currently living in England where she unleashes her creativity and shoots visual stories for various magazines and brands worldwide. Her work has been shortlisted on numerous occasions in some of the most prestigious food photography contest like UK Blog Awards and Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year, to name a few. Her most recent accolade is a finalist in the BBC GOOD FOOD Talent Awards.

Bea absolutely loves sharing her passion for photography and connecting with like-minded creatives during the workshops she host all over the world. She is the author of Bea’s Cookbook Blog, where she shares some of her favourite recipes. She is always happy to connect on her Instagram, where you can find her most days.

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Melissa Megginson is the Marketing Manager and resident Cat Lady at Tailwind; the leading visual marketing tool for brands. In her 5 years at Tailwind, Melissa has won an ADDY Award and worked with major brands like Adobe and J.C. Penney.

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Jenn is the mastermind behind Honey Cake Social Media, where she provides stellar and top of the line Pinterest services to foodies. Starting her Pinterest career as a blogger herself, Jenn quickly became obsessed with the platform and the ease of increasing page views. Through years of studying, testing, and applying various pinning techniques, she now works solely with foodies to create killer results and increase online visibility.

Her clients range from large food corporations to brand new food bloggers, and she has even been called a “Pinterest Magician” because of her ability to rapidly gain results for her clients, regardless of the size of their blog/business.

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